A sensational opening hole, which is a three shot par five for all but the longest hitters. The green slopes from back left to front right – keep your approach below the hole to optimise the chance of a birdie.
Trouble awaits both left and right so a long straight drive is required for this slight dogleg right of 380 metres. A tough chip awaits on the green – best advice is to aim for the centre.
A wonderful dogleg right of 370 metres. Don’t be tempted to cut too much off the corner, as trees and heavy rough await. Containing challenging undulations, this hole tests the most experienced golfer.
A well guarded medium length par 3 of 146 metres. Be wary of the bunkers protecting the green on both the left and right, however birdies are up for grabs on this hole.
The toughest hole on the course awaits! A steep tier across the green, coupled with the green’s length and a sharp dogleg ensure that even the most avid golfer will find this hole challenging.
The most accessible par 5 on the course, a draw up the left side will reward you with length. However, be wary of the deceiving slope on the front third of the green – it’s trickier than it looks! Keep your lay up left of the 2 bunkers near the green to have an easier approach to the pin.
A tough par 4, requiring a straight accurate shot from the outset. Even if slightly off the fairway, the protection on both sides from the trees, plus a narrowing of the fairway 70 metres from the course, ensures your second shot would be compromised.
A well guarded hole, a par 3 is a good score here. A gently sloping green from back to front will hold your approach shot, whilst the dead ground behind the front greenside bunker makes the hole play longer than it looks. The 8th is popular for hole-in-ones!
A challenging hole, requiring pinpoint accuracy at the green – where you will find the main difficulties. A multitude of hurdles awaits you on this interesting and beguiling hole. Enjoy!
The most technical of the Par 5’s, the left dogleg 300 metres up the fairway will hold your attention and demands accurate positional play. The approach is to a well guarded green, do not be disappointed with a par 5 here!
A dogleg left of 380 metres, longer players will have the advantage at the tee shot; able to cut the corner. The approach is crucial to scoring well on this hole, as left or right leave tricky chip shots onto the green which slopes from back to front.
Don’t be fooled by the short length – this hole is no pushover, with a sharp dogleg at 200 metres. Club selection from the tee is critical to meet par. Be aware of the elevated green with steep slopes on 3 sides!
A visually spectacular par 3! As one of the shorter holes, the green is protected by a vale to the right and a deep bunker to the left. A good opportunity for the elusive hole-in-one on number 13!
Not the longest par 4 on the course at 369 metres, but definitely one of the toughest. Accuracy will keep you in good stead from the tee shot – anticipate the right dogleg with a shot to the left, but steer clear of the out of bounds. The approach to the elevated green contains subtle breaks. Enjoy the diversity!
Lands End
The 15th is an absolute gem. Dubbed the ‘double dogleg’, the tee shot traverses through an extended chute, bordered by large native trees on both sides. A well protected two-tiered elevated green runs from back right to front left. An intimidating hole, that will challenge the most experienced.
A short hole that deserves respect. Played from an elevated tee to a well guarded green surrounded by 4 bunkers. Enjoy the contentment of watching a good shot hanging in the sky over the flag.
Aptly named ‘Terrace’, the name reflects a steep slope 230 metres off the tee. Only the strongest tee shot will provide the opportunity to get on this green in two. An accurate approach whether going for the green in 2 or laying up is required. Take time to read your putts on this green, as may subtle breaks await.
The clubhouse and a cold drink beckon you from the tee of this par 4. But, don’t hurry this hole! There are no tricks here, just the pressure of being overlooked by the gallery on the clubhouse balcony.