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Fairways Cafe|Bar
Irrigation Replacement Programme for 2021
Dear Guest, Thursday, 08 April, 2021

Fairways Cafe|Bar
No doubt many of you are aware of the staff, food offerings and pricing changes in recent times.
I wish to outline what your Management Committee is doing and aiming to achieve in coming months.
We welcome Kial Portsmouth as our new Cafe Manager/Head Chef.  Kial is a native of Australia and undertook his training there.  He then travelled abroad for seven years working as a private chef to a Saudi Prince.  He came to New Zealand and worked at Craggy Range before taking up the role of Head Chef at Cassia in Auckland. The Bay life drew him back to the area and he has now settled into our wonderful region.
Kial's initial objectives are to build almost a totally new team of staff and creating new offerings for cabinet and menu food.  Your Management Committee see this as an entirely appropriate progression and advise member there will be a mix of temporary and permanent staff during April until the new team is established and trained.  The Management Committee thanks all our staff and team who have stepped in during this time to ensure members services are met.
In this transition stage please make any suggestions you have to Michelle, Kial or Management Committee members concerning feed back.  Kial's willingness to listen and act on suggestions made has impressed me.
We do advise due to the timing of recruitments it will be necessary to close the Clubhouse this coming Sunday 11 April and Monday 12 April.  Coffee, as always, is available from the pro shop and some food will also be on offer.  We thank you for your understanding.
In December we announced the change in our beer supply policy, i.e. no contract with a single brewery, as a trial for 12 months.  The objective being to provide a greater selection of beverage options to members and visitors.
To date the main areas of feedback have centred around availability of certain beers and prices charged.  We have commenced a review of these two issue with recent sales statistics to base decisions on.  Be assured we consider all aspects of pricing when setting them, such as;
Minimum Wage Rise to $20ph from 1 April 2021 has seen costs rise.  There are key busy times on and between the days of the week for golfers, whilst wage costs continue during the quiet times.  Hence our desire to attract visitors, cyclists and appropriate functions to increase turnover when member usage is low.
The 10% discount available tom members will continue, whilst visitors pay the current market price.  We do encourage you to use this facility as it also provides for a cashless transaction which is what we strive for.
We have a breakeven budget for the 2020/21 year, which in broad terms allows for a 35-40% cost of goods, labour 40-45%, plus ancillary expenses including R&M, depreciation and admin.  Our objective is for Fairways Cafe|Bar to break even.
In the event a profit is achieved from Food & Beverage all these funds are the members' to be invested in the club as appropriate.
In summary, we seek membership support of the 19th, a vital part of the Hastings Golf Club experience, whilst the Management Committee will continue to review the service provided at frequent intervals.

Irrigation Replacement Programme for 2021
We are nearing the time of year when work will recommence on this project.  In March we purchased materials ahead of a projected price rise.  In the near future Gordon Trembath will provide an update of the programme for this coming winter/spring season.
We continue to see a steady stream of members joining and course usage being high, a recent observation was the lack of any quiet days.  Long may this continue while still offering members the opportunity to play when they wish.
Peter Clayton
Hastings Golf Club
(06) 879 7206
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