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Member Night This Friday
Course Superintendent Update
Men's Pennants Results
Tattersall Dixon starts this weekend
Welcome New and Returning Members
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Dear Guest, Tuesday, 25 May, 2021

Member Night This Friday
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Our May Member Night is scheduled for this coming Friday night.  Numbers are lower than expected and we do need to see an increase in reservations to make this viable to go ahead.
If you are wanting to make a reservation we need numbers confirmed by tomorrow (Wednesday, 12pm).  Please email Meg on with your preferred time.

Course Superintendent Update

Firstly, the course is very busy, and since the covid lock down a year ago there have regularly been a higher number of players using the course. This is great for the club, but has an impact on course work, and the challenge of getting work done to our normal schedule. We have noticed an increased number of players hitting up on staff which is concerning, and unacceptable. Course staff are instructed not to barge into a field but to work with the flow of traffic. This means there are times when they will be in way of players in order to carry out the necessary course maintenance operations. They are however always mindful of allowing players to proceed without undue delay, generally indicating by a wave or moving completely out of the way of play. Members must be aware they are working to a schedule for all course maintenance operations to be carried out. Please be patient.

We have noticed problems with the putting cups and the condition of the grass edges around the lip of the holes. Generally, we are seeing a deterioration from the nice clean edge produced each morning by staff prior to play, to a very ragged edge by the end of the day. There could be a few reasons for this.

  • More rounds being played on average each day.
  • A change in the rules allowing the pin to be left in, players then reaching into the hole with the pin in and catching the edge with their hand when retrieving the ball.
  • Players flicking the ball out of the hole with the head of the putter. (Yes, this does happen)
  • Retrieving the ball with the putter handle, but not inserting the handle vertically and brushing against the lip of the hole.

The hole is the only part of the course that every player uses and is important part of the game. We have held a lot of national tournaments at the club, and the one thing that really stands out about these tournaments is how respectful every player is when retrieving the ball from the hole. In fact, even after 100 plus players have completed a round it would be very possible to use that same hole the next day. We will do our best to provide nicely trimmed holes on course setup, but really require help from the players with this problem.

Winter is coming, but the course remains very dry with below average autumn rain. We are still having to irrigate occasionally to maintain plant health but are now trying to dry the course down in preparation for the limited drying conditions that winter brings. It will rain at some stage, and the aim is to have the course relatively dry to avoid the course becoming too wet when that rainfall finally arrives. This time of the year earthworms begin to work near the soil surface and casts can become a problem. This can create muddy conditions, so we are constantly monitoring this situation. Winter generally means decreased grass growth, and frosty morning conditions. Members must be prepared for occasional delayed starts, and green speeds that will increase the more we move into the winter months. We do our very best to keep green speed to an acceptable level given the various abilities of golfers using the course, but this can be difficult when we get extended periods of frosty conditions.

The area of turf removed from in the start of the 17th fairway has been used to remove Kikuyu grass invasion near some of the greens. We have removed kikuyu infested turf near greens and replaced it with the turf harvested from the 17th. This gives a buffer zone between the green and the rest of the kikuyu area. The 17th fairway was the best area to harvest turf for this operation as it will have least impact on golf. This area will be sown, and new turf established. Kikuyu grass invasion into turf areas is difficult to control, and only able to be controlled with Glyphosate (Roundup). Once this chemical has killed out the kikuyu the areas are sown with seed to establish new turf. This operation is complex as Roundup is easily tracked around by foot traffic. Therefore, spraying near the greens is problematic. The only real solution to eliminate the grass and prevent tracking into fine turf areas would be to close the course for 24 hours to allow the chemical to be fully absorbed. The other problem is kikuyu grass is one of the most difficult to control. It has an extensive root system which means it is difficult to get enough chemical translocated to get total control. In most cases it is an ongoing problem which returns and must be dealt with again in future years.

The next big project is the continuation of the irrigation installation. This year it will commence 0n the 24th of May and continue through the winter with the installation of main lines, and electric cabling. The main lines will be installed around our current inground services to allow the present irrigation system to be used for two more seasons. There will be some disruption on the course during this operation and would ask members to be patient, follow instructions from staff, be vigilant when walking near trenches, and only cross the trenches at crossing points. We will try to do our best with the golfer routing negotiating around and over trenches, but we need players to follow the rules, and use the indicated cross over points of trenches when required.

To recap the irrigation installation to date. Stage one was the install of pipe and heads around greens and tees. Stage two, this year, install the mainline pipes and cabling, and complete the tees not installed last year (late start due to covid lockdown). Stage three install fairways at the north end of the course, connecting in the completed greens and tees in this area at the same time. This will effectively finish the north end of the course. Stage four install the fairways at the southern end of the course and connect in the completed greens and tees in this area, effectively completing the full irrigation installation.


Gordon Trembath

Course Superintendent

Men's Pennants Results
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The Men's Pennant finals were held at Hastings on Sunday and we congratulate all our members for representing your club and participating in the event.
Congrats on our Champ 2 team pictured for winning their division.  All division results were:
Champ 1: Napier def Hastings 6/3
Champ 2: Hastings def Napier 8/1
Champ 3: Waipukurau def Hastings 5/4
H/C 1: Napier def Karamu 5/4
H/C 2: HBGC def Karamu 7.5/1.5
H/C 3: Wairoa def Napier 6/3
H/C 4: Wairoa def Maraenui 7/2 

Tattersall Dixon starts this weekend
The longstanding mixed Tattersall Dixon competition qualifying is on this Sunday 30th May.  The qualifying round is playing for the Grieve Salver.
To get involved please book your tee times as you usually do and enter the competition of the day. It would be great to have as many pairs as possible participating in this fixture for 2021. 

Welcome New and Returning Members
Chris Elliott TWL022 583 9931
Scott SaurinFP022 408 0412

What's Coming Up?
26 May 9H LGU
27 MayThursday Men from 11:30am
28 MayMember Night from 5:30pm
29 May 
Saturday white tee day 
Matchplay day 
30 May 
Grieve Salver - Tattersall Dixon qualifying
Spencer Goblets mixed event rd 3  
31 May Veterans Cup entries close 
1 June 
Matchplay day
9H Stableford Trophy  
2 June 9H Stableford Trophy 
3 June Thursday Men from 11:30am
5 June Hudson Rosebowl, rd 1 
7 June Queens birthday 
8 June 
Hudson Rosebowl, rd 1
9H Stableford Trophy  
9 June 9H Stableford Trophy  
10 June Thursday Men from 11:30am 
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