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President Update

The most common question I get asked in my first year as President, is simply “How is the role going for you”. My reply is clear; “very well thank you – it has its challenges but to date, I still have the small amount of hair I started with”.

I believe this has much to do with Peter Clayton laying a great foundation and currently, we have a fabulous team around us; from the office, pro-shop, food and beverage, and finally the greenkeeping team looking after the course.

I am of course supported by a very strong committee, the team contributing as we make decisions throughout the year. In my role, Michelle our General Manager with Meg assisting; are invaluable – they clearly establish whether subjects are management or governance and deal with it accordingly. I believe I am the beneficiary, like you, the members, of the great team around us.  

I want to extend a thank you to all our staff, whichever role it is within the club. Your contribution to make the club what is for the benefit of members and visitors is greatly appreciated. We have had some testing times, especially with Covid but everyone has stepped up when they have had to.

So, what’s been happening ……

  • The areas on the other side of the 5th and 17th fairways have largely had the excess slash forest cleaned up – the cost of doing so coming from the revenue generated by the harvest of the pines. The 2nd is also looking much better and the area between the 12th/13th is also much tidier now.
  • There were many positive comments after Course Superintendent, Ben Simons, sent out his report to members. An insight into how Ben is thinking – new ideas and progress. Ben initially presented the report to the committee, but it was immediately recognised as information the members would like to know.
  • Women’s Vice President Robyn Bell took on the task of getting the on-course toilets upgraded as they were deteriorating into an embarrassment. It is important to note this was funded by entrance fees that new members make as it was seen as an investment for all members use. Thanks to Robyn and her team for getting this complete.
  • The Project Sub-committee have met with the developers 3 times since the Special General Meeting and the developers continue to work/consult with many various parties to come up with a final plan that can eventually be presented to council. That sub-committee consists of Peter Clayton as chairman, Men’s Vice President Murray McNae, committee members Andrew Atkinson, Callum Harper, and General Manager Michelle Campbell. As strong a sub-committee as you will get, I believe – looking after the club’s interest as it progresses.
  • The budget for the new financial year is being worked on at present and it is proving to be a significant challenge in this current world we live in.  With inflation running at a high 7.3%, the club is not immune to the rising costs – there is not a single expense the club incurs that hasn’t risen in the last few months! Sand is up by 25%, fuel 30% as example! However, the challenge is producing a budget that will find a happy medium that works for the ongoing financial stability of the club. The Management Committee will approve and set subscriptions within the next month.  
  • Golf, weather and Covid aside, the course has been very busy. There have been wins and losses for representative teams throughout the year, but a most significant result was a match played in May. Club professional Brett Allan and Course Superintendent Ben Simons challenged the Presidents, Wayne Mudgway and Murray McNae to a match which of course had much banter, chat and excuses as a result was found. My recollection was the Presidents won 6 & 5 but that was irrelevant. The beer was cold and tasted twice as good as they were paying.       
  • You may have noticed a lot of activity around the many of the trees in the last few weeks; some were falling or breaking big branches, so a tree risk assessment was carried out to recognise those that pose a current health & safety concern from either hanging or broken branches and general storm damage. Once identified the committee approved the project to ensure no health and safety risks for members, visitors, or staff. This major recommendation to date has now been completed.
  • A digital clock is to be installed on the starters hut, clearly visible by everyone practising putting or chipping. It is to ensure players are on the tee on time – at least 5 minutes prior to your tee time and no leaving early -you’ll gain nothing but frustration. We are delighted that our corporate sponsor TUMU Group have sponsored this and continue to support the club in many ways.
  • Our new kid on the block is Grant Nicholas who has taken on the role as Hospitality Manager after 21 years at Remuera GC. It’s very noticeable the improved level of service from Grant and the team, also allowing Elysia to get back to and enjoy cooking and changing the offerings for members.  

In summary, I am enjoying the President role but the team around me are the key. The club is in good heart, membership is at it’s maximum and the course continues to be improved.

Kind Regards


Wayne Mudgway  



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