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Dear Guest,




Competitions are on! Golfing is in full swing mode.

Club Championships draw is up on the board.

Profit Fourball draw on the board.

Match play events for the Campbell Cup coming close to the winner.

Cole Cup and Shootout results to date are on display.


Many thanks to our two very experienced referees and life members, Jenny Scotland, and Elizabeth Bell.  We all appreciated their time to talk to us at coffee with questions on rules.  We do suggest you download the R & A app. (Rules of Golf) it is easy to use, has quizzes to test yourself. Have a practise at home before you take it on course.

There are some rule books left if you would prefer to carry a book in your golf bag. See the main office or ask any of committee members for one.

A couple of things I would like you to consider.

  1. Please always carry a pitch repair. It’s helpful to all players to carry one, so if you see a divot on the green you can repair it, which I’m sure other members will appreciate.
  2. Please keep your phone on MUTE. If you’re expecting a call, perhaps put in your pocket, you will feel it vibrate. If you must answer, please be discrete and be aware of others in your group as well as those on other greens / fairways and tees around you.
  3. 40 Second play Rule. When it is your turn, and you’re by your ball – you have 40 seconds maximum to make your swing. We have a great driving range facility for you to practise your swing X number of times before you hit the ball. The 40 Seconds is Rule 5.6a : 5.6b(1).

No one wants to be a “Gary the Snail” from the Mr Men Books!


9 Hole Players - A bit of fun this week, we have a 9 Hole Lucky Dip Basket. Enter your card in at the pro shop after your game, and you will get a free dip into the basket upstairs at coffee.

18 Hole Players – 2nd Round of Hudson Rosebowl. Longest Putt on 18th Green for Tuesday and Saturday 18 hole players.


LONGEST PUTT WINNER –Tuesday 20th June on the 18th hole was sponsored by.

The Globe Theatrette is Napier’s boutique cinema by the seaside, featuring a wide variety of quality films from Indies to Hollywood. Plush and comfy seating, a bar stocked with local wine and craft beer, and yummy treats including gourmet pizza courtesy of Mama Sons make the Globe a special experience every time.


PLEASE NOTE – Saturday 24th Globe Theatrette double pass was not contested due to the weather – this will happen Saturday 1st July.

We are fortunate to have been given these fabulous prizes, I encourage you to support this generous sponsor. Thank you again, Jenny Scotland.


Thank you, Kim Bone (Mens Full Playing Member) F.L. Bone has donated door hardware. Lovely round handles, locks, and slide locks, on the course toilets between hole 6/7 and by hole 12/13. The style is like the old ones, simple, classy, beautifully finished. This quality door hardware fits the quality of our fabulous golf course!


A reminder, we have a library in the locker room, a gold coin donation is suggested if your borrowing of any books/magazines.

If you wish to donate some books, magazines we are very grateful! Please leave in the office with your name on if Christine, Jane, Vicki, or I are not there.

I have been asked if we could have a day of swapping golf clothing, If this is something you would be interested in? – from an online purchase too small/big or just too good to throw out, Please email me if like the idea and we will organise for you.

Kind regards


Womens Club Captain

Hastings Golf Club


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