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Course updates


You may have noticed the fairways are looking a bit long at the moment.  Our Fairway Mower reels have been sent off for sharpening. Unfortunately our local contractor had his premises washed away during Cyclone Gabrielle which has has meant that the reels have had to be shipped to Auckland for sharpening and we are now waiting for them to return. Demand for this service along with transport issues has casued a delay in the reels getting back to the club.

We anticipate them returning within the next week to ten days and regular maintance can resume.


What happens to the Irrigation Trenches?

The installation of the irrigation pipes in the fairways is leaving a trail once install is complete.  This will compact naturally over the next few months (there's been enough rain!) and will be reseeded in the spring.  As the trenches are only 100mm wide it's expected they will recover quickly.




Electric Trundler Use

If you are a member that uses an electric trundler, a reminder please to not send your trundler ahead of you too far when walking in front of the clubhouse to the 4th tee.

We have had a couple of incidents where cars are coming from the driveway and suddenly trundlers zip out in front of them. The member of course is unable to see any oncoming traffic from the south.

Thanks for your co-operation.




Excise and Fuel Tax Increases

The annually adjusted alcohol excise tax rate has been confirmed to increase by 6.65% from 1st July 2023.

We are currently liaising with our suppliers and the impact that will have to the Club and on which products, however we will be faced with passing these on and some increases will occur.

On top of this the petrol excise tax cut will end from this Saturday after 15 months.  We anticipate this will impact all our suppliers and freight costs are likely to increase and will be monitored closely.




Driving Range Smoke Free

The Management Committee unanimously agreed at it's recent meeting the the Driving Range building and area will now be a smoke free zone. 

Please adhere to this for the enjoyment of all golfers using this space.




What's Your Best Tee?

A recent article published by USGA is a great read for members to take a look and consider what tees you should be playing off?

View here




Welcome New & Returning Members

Dianne Gair 9H 027 284 4727
Logan Lochhead STUD 020 4080 7522
Steve Lochhead TWL 027 415 3110
Lynn Mouat 9H 021 383 121
Henri Purvis U35 027 406 3601
Danis Roberts FLEX 020 4121 2537
Robyn Southwell 9H 021 299 6750




What's Coming Up?

29 Jun - Thursday Men

4 Jul - Free day

5 Jul - 9H Nett

6 Jul - Thursday Men

9 Jul - Jones Fourball quarterfinals deadline

12 Jul - 9H International Stableford

13 Jul - Thursday Men


15 Jul - Matchplay Day

18 Jul - Matchplay Day

19 Jul - 9H Matchplay Day

20 Jul - Thursday Men

22 Jul - Bruce Wakefield Trophy, rd 1.  LGU Elsie Kirkley, ENC Jug, Rowntree Cup, Molly Longton Memorial Trophy, rd 1

25 Jul - LGU Elsie Kirkley, ENC Jug, Rowntree Cup, Molly Longton Memorial Trophy, rd 1

27 Jul - Thursday Men

29 Jul - LGU Elsie Kirkley, ENC Jug, Rowntree Cup, Molly Longton Memorial Trophy, rd 2

30 Jul - Club Champs quarterfinals deadline

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